Libsyn has a New Player

Libsyn logoLibsyn has released their new player. It has some new features that are different from the previous player. Libsyn has put together a main support article for those who have questions about the new player (or want to know more about it).

The main new updates are:

* The player is customizable. You can change the colors to match your podcast.

* You can now copy the embed code. Your listeners can copy it, too. This allows people to post that link on their site.

* It comes with a Player Playlist. This helps your listeners who like to binge listen to podcasts. The new player has all your episodes, one after the other.

* You can share the new player to Google + , Twitter, Facebook, Clammer, Pinterest and iTunes, Stitcher and Tunein plus your RSS.

* The new player has a download option. Listeners can now one-click download the media file.

What if you prefer the old player? That’s ok. Libsyn says you don’t have to update your player if you do not want to. You still have a choice of four types of players: Legacy, Standard, Standard Mini, and Custom.