End of the Year Podcasting Wrap Up – PCN Show 025

PCN iTunes artworkShawn and Jen are back and bringing you an end of the year wrap up for podcasting.

We highlight “Best Of” lists, take a look at how podcasting has changed, and consider what is coming for podcasting in 2016.

Links mentioned in this episode:

* The Ten Most Popular Podcasts of 2015
By Lisa Eadicicco at TIME

* The Best Podcast Episodes of 2015
By Laura Jane Standley, Devon Taylor and Eric MacQuade at The Atlantic

* The 10 best new podcasts of 2015 (that aren’t Serial!)
By Melissa Locker at The Guardian

* How Podcasts Have Changed in Ten Years: By the Numbers
By Josh Morgan at Medium

* Could Facebook be the next big platform for podcasts?
By Laura Hazard Owen at Current

One thought on “End of the Year Podcasting Wrap Up – PCN Show 025

  1. I think that podcast will remain a sub culture until SOMEONE post blogs and give instructions on how to podcast for the average computer user. ALL the podcast about podcast complain that there is not enough podcasting going on … or they give reviews of podcast, or theorize about podcasting …. but I have not found any blogs or podcast that walk you thru the technical aspects of developing and producing a good podcast. Not everyone learned how to code or use computers in school.

    I belong to a quilter group of pod-casters and we each learned how to podcast the hard-way by trial and error. I think if there was a blog/ podcast that walks us thru the process we could get more pod-casters…. that would be the same for others would be podcasts….

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