WAMU Launches “The Big Listen” Podcast

The Big Listen logoWAMU 88.5 is the leading public radio station for NPR news and information in the greater Washington D.C. Area. It is member-supported, professionally-staffed, and licensed to American University. WAMU is launching a podcast about podcasting.

The Big Listen is a new one-hour broad cast show that stitches together the smartest, funniest and most offbeat offerings from the ever-expanding podcast universe. In short, it is yet another podcast about podcasting. This rather meta category of podcasts appear to be growing. The Big Listen website says there are some 20,000 actively hosted podcasts about podcasting (and counting).

Lauren Ober is the host of The Big Listen. Previously, she was an award-winning radio producer for WAMU’s weekly newsmagazine Metro Connection. In addition, Lauren Ober is currently the producer of Orbital Path, a podcast from PRX about the cosmos and our place in it.

Each episode of The Big Listen will be hand-curated by Lauren Ober. The podcast will bring listeners an inside scoop on the podcasts that they already love. It is described as “a show for podcast junkies, podcast newbies, and everyone in between”. The Big Listen will feature interviews with creative podcasters, clips from their shows, and listener recommendations.

The Big Listen will premiere on Sunday, January 31, 2016, on 88.5 FM or streaming on wamu.org. You can learn more about The Big Listen on its website or by following the show’s Twitter account: @hearbiglisten.