Car and Driver Now Has its Own Podcast

Car And Driver logoCar and Driver is a monthly automotive magazine that presents the latest in new cars, vans, SUV’s and pickups, with an emphasis on “cars heaven-sent for the man or woman who knows the rewards that an outstanding automobile can confer on its driver”. Those drivers can now enjoy the Car and Driver’s brand new podcast while they are on the road.

The Car and Driver podcast is described this way in iTunes:

Car and Driver magazine brings its irreverent and no-holds-barred take on cars and happenings in the automotive world. Hear straight talk from Car and Driver’s top editors replete with their unique brand of humor and expert insight, which has made Car and Driver the leader in automotive news.

The first episode was released on March 14, 2016. At the time I am writing this post, it has a total of six episodes (plus one introduction episode). The blurb about the podcast in Car and Driver says that the podcast will kick off with special daily episodes from the floor of the New York auto show. Their regular, non show-centric podcast will roll out after that.

The introduction episode is only one minute long. The other episodes range from eight minutes to twelve minutes. I am going to assume that the short length of the daily episodes is specifically being done in order to be able to make daily episodes about the New York auto show. The regular show is going to be released weekly, and one might reasonably assume that the weekly episodes will be longer than twelve minutes.

Stacie Scherman to Launch Flint Podcasting Company

UM Flint logoIf you’ve been paying any attention to the news, then you have probably heard at least a little bit about Flint, Michigan. It is one of the places in Michigan that is having a water crisis (due to the water being contaminated). The seventh Democratic Debate was held in Flint in earlier this month. Soon, there will be a Flint Podcasting Network that will give the people of Flint, Michigan, a platform for their voice.

Stacie Scherman is about to finish her graduate degree in English at UM-Flint. She will be starting a podcasting venture in the summer of 2016 called Flint Podcasting Company. (That is the “working name”). It will feature podcasts based on Flint, by those in Flint, or by those who were originally from Flint.

Stacie Scherman won first place in the Flint edition of the GreenLight business Model Completion. This earned her $5,000 in seed money. She will use that money to help buy equipment and to prepare her recording studio (which will be located on Fenton Road in Flint, Michigan). Her family already owned the studio, but was not using the space.

She also took home second place in UM-Flint’s Business Plan Competition, which was sponsored by the School of Management and the Hagerman Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. That win also earned her $5,000 that will be used on the Flint Podcasting Company.

The studio will be where Flint-centric podcasts will be produced. It will also be possible to rent out space in the studio, to use editing software, and to learn about the industry via workshops. There is a plan for a website which will be the central hub of all Flint-focused podcasts. Stacie Scherman also plans on recording podcasts live at various community sites.

I think this is a fantastic idea. Podcasting offers a way for the people of Flint, Michigan, to share their stories in ways that cannot be done by newspaper article or blog post alone. I think the podcasts that come from this project will have an authenticity that might not be present if the podcasting company was owned by a major newspaper or by the local government.

Podcast Awards Reveals New Categories

Podcast Awards logoThe People’s Choice Podcast Awards are in the process of updating the website and making changes to many different aspects of the awards. There is a GoFundMe in place to help with expenses. Recently, new categories were revealed for the 11th Annual Podcast Awards.

The categories for the Podcast Awards are an important organizational tool. It helps break up the nominated podcasts so that they are being compared with podcasts that are similar in topic. Personally, I find it easier to compare a “like vs like” grouping of podcasts than to try and figure out the best ones from a grouping of a wide variety of topics.

Here are the Categories for the 2016 Podcast Awards (and their descriptions):

* Peoples Choice – The Best Podcast in the Universe!

* Arts – Design, Fashion, Food, Literature

* Business – Careers, Investing, Management, Marketing

* Comedy – The Funniest Shows on the Internet!

* Education – Ed Tech, K-12, Language, Training

* Entertainment – Entertains us with Creative Genus.

* Games & Hobbies – Automotive, Aviation, Video Games, Board Games

* GLBT – Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender

* Government & Organizations – Local, National, Non-Profit, Regional

* Health – Alternative, Fitness & Nutrition, Self-Help, Sexuality

* Kids & Family – Dads, Moms, Parents

* Mature – Explicit Content, Rated R+

* Music – Podsafe Only!

* News & Politics – Right, Left, Documentary, World, Local

* Religion & Spirituality – Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Other

* Science & Medicine – Medicine, Natural, Social, Science Fiction

* Society-Culture – History, Journals, Philosophy, Places & Travel

* Sports & Recreation – Amateur, College, Outdoor, Professional

* Technology – Gadgets, Tech News, Podcasting, Software How-To

* TV & Film – Reviews, Series, Fan Shows

Listeners will be able to begin nominating their favorite podcasts beginning on April 15, 2016, and ending on April 30, 2016.

Wondery has Added Staff

Wondery logoWondery is a podcast company that was founded by Hernon Lopez, the former CEO of Fox International Channels. In January, he left his job running 350 international TV channels for Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox, Inc. in order to build his Wondery podcast network. It is anticipated that Wondery will release it’s first batch of shows in the summer of 2016. Some newly hired staff have been recently added to Wondery.

Jeffery Glaser, who was previously the head of current programming at 20th Century Fox Television, is joining Wondery as president of content. Jeffery Glaser will own an equity stake in Wondery alongside founder Hernan Lopez. Under Glaser’s direction, Wondery will expand development of both scripted and unscripted programming for its lineup of podcasts.

Christina Haro has been appointed as account executive, brand solutions, at Wondery. She will start on April 4, 2016. Previously, Christina Haro worked in a cross-platform role encompassing TV, radio and digital, and as an account executive and marketing strategist at Univision Communications.

PodAbility Can Help You Create a Successful Podcast

Podability logoPodAbility is not a conference. It is described as “an intensive, in-person weekend podcast training program”. PodAbility will take place April 9-10, 2016, at Rise New York. The cost to attend the event is $1,200 and space is limited to 25 participants.

People who attend PodAbility will work closely with a dozen industry leaders to create a quality podcast for your business or organization. There are a total of 12 scheduled speakers who have been successful in their own businesses and in helping others to reach and exceed their goals.

Speakers Include:

* Deborah Asseraf – Founder and CEO of Popcorn Productions

* Richard Davids – Founder of DaviesContent

* Robert Galinsky – Head Speaker’s Coach of TEDxTeen

* Alex Olmsted – CEO/Co-Founder of Good vs Evil

* Mathew Passay – Owner/Host/Producer of Mpassy Productions

* Marc Raco – Producer/Host/Creative Pro of Fashion Is Your Business Podcast

* Michael Roderick – CEO/Connector of Small Pond Enterprises

* Peg Samuel – Founder/Professor/Speaker of Social Diva Media

* Rob Sanchez – COO of Open Source Fashion

* BJ Smith – Founder/Host/Educator of Marketing Group Therapy

* Andy Toh – Chief Architect & General Manager of BlogTalkRadio Inc.

* Jason Van Orden – Founder/Host of Internet Business Mastery

The whole point of PodAbility is to give business owners the tools they need to quickly launch a podcast without wasting time guessing. They can give you a solid show format to follow, recommend equipment, provide website instructions and podcast launch instructions.

They can teach you how to build an audience, how to market your podcast, and how to find and attract sponsors. It appears that all this knowledge (and more) can be utilized by people who attend PodAbility to create a business podcast that brings in revenue.

One cool thing about PodAbility is that it seems very open to people who are first time podcasters or who do not know much at all about podcasting. If you cannot make it to New York, that’s ok, because PodAbility is planning to appear in other cities around the United States.

Blubrry Podcast Directory Grows to 300,000 Shows

Blubrry logoThe Blubrry Podcast Directory has grown to more than 300,000 podcasts. It is now the largest directory in podcasting.

The expanded directory was built through the Blubrry podcast discovery system, Blubrry users, and subscribe options such as Subscribe on Android and Subscribe by Email. All Blubrry users’ podcasts have been added to the directory.

All podcasters – whether they are a Blubrry user or not – can claim their show in the Blubrry Podcast Directory and enjoy advantages including:

* Being featured on Blubrry Apps and Channels

* Access to free tools and services such as free podcast statistics

* The option to participate in advertising opportunities.

Unlike some other podcast directories, the Blubrry Podcast Directory includes podcast listings with multiple subscribe links and a link to the podcast’s website. Podcasters who do not want their podcast included in the Blubrry Podcast Directory can have request to have it removed.

Podcast listeners can search the Blubrry Podcast Directory and create a playlist via MyCast. They can also listen to featured shows via Roku, and can visit individual podcast’s websites for show notes and more information about the podcast they are listening to.

The Blubrry Podcast Directory is the only podcast directory with subscribe tools for Apple and Android devices – including the ability to One Click Subscribe on all podcasts. It also lets listeners subscribe by email. The Blubrry directory allows listeners to subscribe to any podcast they want, however they want.

Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame Inductees 2016

Academy of Podcasters Awards and HOF 2016The Academy of Podcasters s a group of influential contributors to the podcast space who will come together every year to vote on the winners of the annual Awards. They are also in charge of voting on annual inductees to the Hall of Fame. The 2016 Hall of Fame inductees have been selected.

This is the second time that the Academy of Podcasters has selected Hall of Fame inductees. (The first time was in 2015). The 2016 inductees will be inducted on July 6, 2016, at the Academy of Podcasters Awards and Hall of Fame Ceremony.

Two of the 2015 Hall of Fame inductees are the creators of one of the world’s longest running podcasts, The Dawn and Drew Show. It started in 2004. Dawn Miceli is the first female podcaster. She is also an accomplished musician with an album by Smitten Bayou. Drew Domkus has been working with new media since the mid 1990s. He has produced content for Mevio and Sirius Satellite.

Gary Leland recorded his first podcast “The Sport’s Podcast” in December of 2004. In 2005, he created The Podcast Pickle website, which was one of the first directories and user forums dedicated to the growth of podcasting. “The Sport’s Podcast” has evolved into the FastPitch Radio Network, and is part of the Fastpitch.TV Network.

Mignon Fogarty is best known by her online persona, Grammar Girl. She is the creator and host of the Grammar Girl podcast and the founder of Quick and Dirty Tips, which began as a podcasting network and is now, in partnership with Macmillan Holdings, also a large content website that is home to 16 other podcasts.

Rob Walch is the Vice President of Podcaster Relations for Libsyn Prior to joining Libsyn in 2007, he was the host of podCast411 (which began in 2004.) Rob Walch is also a monthly columnist for Podertainment The Podcast Magazine.

New Media Europe Will Happen in June

New Media Europe logoNew Media Europe will be happening on June 18-19, 2016, in London, England. The event focuses on podcasting, blogging, video, social media, marketing, online business, and more. It is possible to register for the Early Bird Ticket to the conference now.

Who is this conference for? New Media Expo has a handy list on their website that gives a glimpse into what it is all about. New Media Expo was founded by Mike and Izabela Russell, a couple who want to enable individuals to discover their true potential using new media tools.

This conference is for you if:

* You would like to learn how to utilize new media tools in your existing business (or brand new entrepreneurial venture).

* You are a forward thinking individual who realizes the power new media holds.

* You would like to connect with like minded individuals.

* You are looking to learn tactics that can save you time, give you more reach, and bring more customers.

* You have an idea and would like to start monetising it.

* You value events with no BS speakers who provide genuine value and leave sales pitches at home.

New Media Europe has a bunch of speakers for 2016. Twenty-two of them are featured on the website. There are a few that are involved in podcasting:

Kevin Field is the founder and host of Radio Skills for Podcasters, a podcast and a blog focused on the craft of creating powerful audio content that gets results.

Steve Folland is a former radio presenter/producer turned freelance video creator an marketer. His podcast is called “Being Freelance”, and it features “creative freelancers chatting about being freelance.”

Colin Gray is a podcaster and writer who has a PhD in education. He writes regularly on podcasting and content marketing, and produces five podcasts along with his team at The Podcast Host. PodCraft is the flagship show. It is a season-based show which tackles Podcasting topics head-on over a series of shows, looking to create a definitive guide each time.

A full schedule has been posted on the New Media Europe website that shows the dates and times that specific things will be happening. The Venue is the Amba Hotel Marble Arch in London, England.

Podquest is Calling for Story-Driven Podcast Ideas

Radiotopia Podquest logoDo you have a great idea for a podcast that tells a story? There is a contest going on that you may want to enter. Podquest has an open call-out for story-driven podcasts. They started accepting pitches on March 17, 2016, and will continue to accept them through April 17, 2016.

Podquest is looking for Radiotopia’s next podcast. Radiotopia, from PRX, is a curated network of extraordinary, story-driven shows. Radiotopia empowers independent producers to do their best work, grow audiences and increase revenue. At its core, Radiotopia cultivates community – for both listeners and makers alike.

Podquest is looking for diverse talent, new voices, and sustainable ideas that clearly align with Radiotopia’s mission. They seek podcasts that will help take Radiotopia in new directions and that will attract new listeners. They are not looking for shows that have unstructured conversations, live storytelling, or ideas that overlap with shows that are already on Radiotopia.

Ten semi-finalists will win $300 each, offices hours with Radiotopia producers, free Hindenburg editing software, and a year-long membership with the media talent network AIR. Three finalists will be chosen and supported ($10,000 each) in the production of three pilot episodes over the course of four months. At the end of that period, Radiotopia will invite one finalist to join the network in 2017.

The ten semi-finalists will be announced June 1, 2016, at The three finalists will be announced July 6-8 at Podcast Movement 2016 in Chicago. The winner will be announced in November at Third Coast Conference in Chicago.

Be sure to check out the post at Radiotopia to find out more details about this contest. You have nothing to lose by entering. Part of the details state that you 100% own your idea, and are welcome to pursue your show on your own, if you are not chosen as as finalist.

Number One in iTunes – PCN Show 028

PCN iTunes artworkIn this episode, Shawn and Jen discuss misconceptions regarding iTunes “New and Noteworthy”, talk about something new from Audible, and point you toward some bizarre podcasts you may want to listen to.

Links Mentioned in this episode:

* There Is No #1 in iTunes Podcasts “New and Noteworthy”
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* Amazon’s Audible now lets you share audiobook snippets on Facebook and Twitter
By Jennifer Booton on Market Watch

* 37 Bizarre Podcasts – Mental Floss List Show Ep. 411
By Mike Rugnetto for Mental Floss

* 5 Tips To Create A Great Podcast Interview
By Todd Uterstaedt for Ringr

* What 8 Years of Podcasting Taught Me About Creating a Website for a Podcast
By Ran Levi on Medium