Stacie Scherman to Launch Flint Podcasting Company

UM Flint logoIf you’ve been paying any attention to the news, then you have probably heard at least a little bit about Flint, Michigan. It is one of the places in Michigan that is having a water crisis (due to the water being contaminated). The seventh Democratic Debate was held in Flint in earlier this month. Soon, there will be a Flint Podcasting Network that will give the people of Flint, Michigan, a platform for their voice.

Stacie Scherman is about to finish her graduate degree in English at UM-Flint. She will be starting a podcasting venture in the summer of 2016 called Flint Podcasting Company. (That is the “working name”). It will feature podcasts based on Flint, by those in Flint, or by those who were originally from Flint.

Stacie Scherman won first place in the Flint edition of the GreenLight business Model Completion. This earned her $5,000 in seed money. She will use that money to help buy equipment and to prepare her recording studio (which will be located on Fenton Road in Flint, Michigan). Her family already owned the studio, but was not using the space.

She also took home second place in UM-Flint’s Business Plan Competition, which was sponsored by the School of Management and the Hagerman Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. That win also earned her $5,000 that will be used on the Flint Podcasting Company.

The studio will be where Flint-centric podcasts will be produced. It will also be possible to rent out space in the studio, to use editing software, and to learn about the industry via workshops. There is a plan for a website which will be the central hub of all Flint-focused podcasts. Stacie Scherman also plans on recording podcasts live at various community sites.

I think this is a fantastic idea. Podcasting offers a way for the people of Flint, Michigan, to share their stories in ways that cannot be done by newspaper article or blog post alone. I think the podcasts that come from this project will have an authenticity that might not be present if the podcasting company was owned by a major newspaper or by the local government.

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  1. If you google: Flint Public Library homepage, click website, click left side orange box, StoryCorp, scroll down to ‘to hear other Flint stories, and scroll to 1sr story, mine, Mary Miller and Sheila Bailey Waddell. This 3 minutes of my 40 minute CD is just a little bit of the horror I’ve endured, beginning at A.C. Spark Plugs/Delphi East of Flint, MI starting in 2000. The media is not interested in my story and I am stuck at the StoryCorp. My experiences parallel The Flint Water Crisi, with a 14 year papertrail, ending with a letter from Gov. Snyder ‘blowing off’ my Domest Terrorim complaints while working at GM &.UAW. Is this something I can further with you ?

  2. Hello Mary!

    I am sorry, but your story is not something that you can further with us. We write about things that are noteworthy in podcasting. We do not do investigative journalism.

    You may want to contact Stacie Scherman, the woman who is working on the Flint Podcasting Company. I do not have her contact information.

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