Horror Addicts Podcast has a Podcast Author Challenge

HorrorAddicts net LogoHorrorAddicts.net started in 2008 when Emerian Rich finished the podcasting of her vampire novel and wanted to keep her listeners interested in a show that talked bout what they liked: horror. Every year, HorrorAddicts.net hosts two contests. The theme changes every year.

This contest is for writers / podcasters. To enter, you need to “write a kick-ass horror story and either produce in audio yourself, or have your friends help you out”. Technically, it would be possible for someone who is a writer, and who has some familiarity with audio production, to enter the contest. Participants are not required to have their own podcast (but I can see where that experience may be helpful).

The contest is titled “Most Wicked 2016”. There are two sections of the contest. One is for men horror writers and the other is for women horror writers. People can enter the “Most Wicked 2016” contest for free. Registration closes May 1st, 2016.

The winner of each section of the contest will earn a special title. For men, the title is “Master of the Macabre” For women, the title is “Wicked Women Writers”. The theme of the “Most Wicked 2016” contest is “Twisted Urban Legends Audiodrama”. Each participant will be randomly assigned an urban legend, a setting, and an obscure item to incorporate into their audiodrama.

Some Further Details Include:

* Write and record a horror story – fitting in the theme and extra elements

* The style should be audiodrama – music, sound effects, and two or more voices are required

* The audio MP3 can be no longer than 10 minutes.

* The text can be no longer than 3,000 words.

* You cannot compete if you have won “Master of the Macabre” or “Most Wicked” awards before.