Podcast Awards Reveals New Rules for 2016

Podcast Awards logoThe People’s Choice Podcast Awards has revealed the new rules for 2016. This is the biggest change in the history of the Podcast Awards and the first step in establishing long term viability for the awards.

Many details of the Podcast Awards are being updated, including the website, which is in need of a massive upgrade. (Those that want to help make that happen should check out the GoFundMe that has been set up for the project).

The New Nomination Rules and Show Eligibility are:

1. Any show podcasting since January, 1, 2016, with 10 episodes and who has published a new episode within the past 30 days of the open nomination period is eligible for nomination of a Podcast Awards.

2. Any show that won a podcast award in the 2015 Podcast awards is not eligible for nomination in the current year’s awards.

– The show that won in the previous year will present the award to this year’s winner and be recognized. If not able to participate the show will be recognized and an alternate presenter will be selected by the steering committee.

3. Any single show that has won 5 Podcast Awards total in any category in the past 10 years or 4 Podcast Awards in any category in the past 5 years will be designated a “Legacy Podcast” and earn permanent placement on the Podcast Awards Site. The show hosts for those shows will not be eligible for future awards for that show, but will gain placement on the Podcast Award Steering Committee, making them ineligible for an award.

4. Legacy shows will be honored Annually at the Podcast Award Ceremony.

5. Any Show wishing to be considered for nomination shall register via the registration page and pay via PayPal a nominal $10.00 registration fee. The registration fee is simply to qualify podcast hosts that want to participate, and or be part of the awards process to include showing up for the Awards ceremony or providing a video acceptance speech.

– Shows that do not register will not be considered for the slate of finalists regardless of the total number of nominations they receive. Shows may register anytime before the nominations close on April 30, 2016. The registration fee is non-refundable, even if the show does not make the final slate.

– For 2016 all nomination registration fees will be used to help fund the rebuilding of the Podcast Awards website for the 2017 event. All shows that have registered and paid the fee will be listed on the podcast awards site shortly after nomination closing, even if they are not finalists.