UK Podcasters Online Conference is Worldwide

UK podcasters logoUK Podcasters will be having a worldwide online conference on April 21-22, 2016. It is for people who are podcasters and those who enjoy listening to podcasts. You can register for free. UK Podcasters will let you know how to watch the UK Podcasters Online Conference live from wherever you are in the world.

A post on the UK Podcasters Facebook Page says that it will be an 36 hour non-stop online conference. The Facebook About page states that UK Podcasters is a community for individuals who are invested in their personal and professional growth using the power of podcasting.

There are 36 speakers for the UK Podcasters Online Conference. My best guess is that each one will be featured for about an hour.

The speakers are:

* Ani Alexander – Write to be Read Podcast
* David Bain – Digital Marketing Radio
* Sarah Williams – Tough Girl Podcast
* Peter Billingham – Death Goes Digital Podcast
* Chloe Thomas – eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast
* Loz James – Content Champion Podcast
* Matthew McLean – Audio Drama Production Podcast
* Robert Cudmore – Audio Drama Production Podcast
* Steve Folland – Being Freelance Podcast
* Sean Clark – The Small Business Marketing Report Podcast
* Pilar Orti – 21st Century Work Life Podcast
* Craig Wealand – Ingles Podcast
* Matthew Turner – Purple Coffee Podcast
* Cem Yildiz – Powerful Nonsense Podcast
* Wayne Ingram – Powerful Nonsense Podcast
* Nicola Cairncross – The Business Success Factory Podcast
* Simon Dunant – Podcast Power Marketing
* Tony Brown – Business Systems Explored Podcast
* Rob Lawrence – Inspirational Creatives Podcast
* Nick Shepley – Explaining History Podcast
* Anthony De Souza – CrowdFunding Focus Podcast
* Hayden Lee – Travel Stories Podcast
* David Shaw – Getting Ahead Podcast
* Roger Edwards – The Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast
* Steven Heslewood – Geek Apocalypse Podcast
* Jon Butt – Marketing for Owners Podcast
* Bernie J. Mitchell – Late Late Breakfast Show Podcast
* David Ralph – Join Up Dots Podcast
* Neil Humphrey – The Brand Maximiser Podcast
* Tom Evans – The Zone Show
* Pete Matthew – Meaningful Money Podcast
* Mark Asquith – Excellence Expected Podcast
* Colin Gray – The Podcast Host
* Judy Rees – Collaboration Dynamics Podcast
* Chris Marr – The Content Marketing Academy
* Kevin Field – Radio Skills for Podcasters