Nominations for the 11th Annual Podcast Awards are Open!

Podcast Awards logoThe People’s Choice Podcast Awards is ready for your nominations. What podcasts do you think are the absolute best in their category? Let your opinion be heard by nominating your favorite podcasts today. Podcasters who hope to be nominated need to start letting their audience know that the nomination period has begun.

There is a very informative video on the Podcast Awards website that gives a good explanation about how the nominations work. One key thing to understand is that podcasts will be nominated by podcast listeners. It is also important to know that the nomination period begins on April 15, 2016, and will close on April 30, 2016.

Podcast listeners can nominate one podcast in every category of the Podcast Awards. There are a total of 20 categories. It is recommended that listeners take a minute to figure out what shows they want to nominate, and write down their choices before they begin the process of nominating shows. You can only fill out the nomination form once.

A voting period will begin after the slate announcement (that shows what podcasts were nominated in each category) has been announced. Make sure to return to the Podcast Awards website to find out what shows were nominated and to cast your vote.

Podcasters who would like their show to be nominated for the Podcast Awards need to start communicating that to their listeners. Direct your listeners to the Podcast Awards website. Make it clear which category your show belongs in. You might also want to suggest that your listeners nominate your show for the People’s Choice category.

Shows that want to be considered for nomination need to register and pay a $10.00 registration fee. The purpose of the registration form is to let the Podcast Awards know where to contact you if your show makes the voting slate. Shows that do not register will not be considered for the slate of finalists.

The purpose of the fee is to qualify hosts that truly want to participate in the awards process, including showing up for the live online Awards ceremony or providing a video acceptance speech. The money that comes from the registration fee will be used to help rebuild the Podcast Awards website.