U.S. Energy Department Has Its Own Podcast

Direct Current logoEnergy.Gov is the official website for the United States Department of Energy. The mission of the Energy Department is “to ensure America’s security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental and nuclear changes through transformative science and technology solutions.” The Energy Department recently started its very own podcast.

Direct Current is the name of the Energy.Gov podcast. They definitely picked a smart, appropriate, name for the show! Direct Current is a podcast about energy – the kind that lights our homes, powers our lives and shapes our world.

The podcast is from the U.S. Department of Energy’s digital team in Washington, D.C. It will bring you “fresh, insightful stories of how we generate and use electricity, what that means for the planet and the cutting-edge science that’s driving a global energy force.”

The team behind the podcast includes:

* Matt Dozier – Digital Content Specialist, Office of Public Affairs

* Allison Lantero – Digital Content Specialist, Office of Public Affairs

* Simon Edelman – Chief Creative Officer

* Marissa Newhall – Director of Digital Strategy and Communications

* Daniel Wood – Data Visualization and Cartographic Specialist, Office of Public Affairs

* Carly Wilkins – Multimedia Designer

* Pat Adams – Digital Content Specialist, Office of Public Affairs

* Paul Lester – Digital Content Specialist, Office of Public Affairs

Episode 1 is titled: “Tackling the Hidden Costs of Rooftop Solar”. In the episode, the team investigates the “soft costs” driving up the price of rooftop solar, delves into the archives for a look at the turbulent times of the Energy Department’s creation, and contemplates some alternatives to the name “Direct Current”.

There is also an Episode 1.5 that is titled: “Direct Current Teaser”. It gives listeners a sneak preview of what’s coming up on future episodes of Direct Current.