Lance Armstrong Launched a Podcast

The Forward Podcast logoLance Armstrong, a former professional cyclist, has launched a brand new podcast series. It is called The Forward Podcast with Lance Armstrong. It is a weekly show that will feature a variety of guests – who will be interviewed by Lance Armstrong.

Lance Armstrong was a triathlete before he turned to professional cycling. In 1992, he began his career as a professional cyclist with the Motorola team. His career was halted by testicular cancer. After recovering, he returned to cycling and won a record seven consecutive Tour de France races.

In 2012, he was stripped of those titles due to evidence of performance-enhancing drug use. He later admitted to doping throughout his cycling career. In 1996, Lance Armstrong founded the Lance Armstrong Foundation for Cancer (which is now called LiveStrong). In 2000, he authored a book titled It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life. In 2003, he authored Every Second Counts.

The Forward Podcast will involve Lance Armstrong interviewing people from the fields of sport, business, music, and more. The first episode has been released. He interviewed CEO and Founder of the Alamo Drafthouse, Tim League.

In the episode the two discuss many topics. One is gun control. (The episode was recorded the morning of the Orlando shooting). They also discuss what it is like raising twins girls. Both Lance Armstrong, and Tim League, have twins. Other topics include movies, beekeeping, live music, and more.