Radio Facts Seeks 20 Shows for Podcast Port

Podcast Port logoRadio Facts, the most read urban radio and music industry site, is introducing the first all urban podcast site. It is called Podcast Port. They are in the process of finding their first 20 shows to premiere and promote directly to the industry.

COO of Radio Facts, Kevin Ross, created Podcast Port as a means to showcase podcasts that feature black hosts. These shows can get lost in a plethora of other podcasts, and it takes a lot of work to find them. Podcast Port will make it easy for people to find podcasts that are of specific interest to African-Americans.

Podcast Port is “everything that commercial urban radio is not”. They welcome everyone and everything in the African-American community. This includes podcasts about small business, Hip Hop, women, men, LGBT, church, parenting, comedy, real estate, cultural concerns, education, entertainment, money matters, and more.

The Podcast Port site will post news, tips, and profiles in podcasting via their blog. It will also offer direction to clients who subscribe. This includes how to do the best podcast and advice on how to improve their shows. If Podcast Port sounds like a good fit for your podcast, you can submit it for possible inclusion at Podcast Port. They will let you know if they are interested.