AdsWizz Launched PodWave

PodWave logoAdsWizz, a leading technology provider of advertising solutions for the digital market, has announced the launch of PodWave. It is the first ad marketplace specifically created to meet the needs of podcasters.

The new PodWave marketplace provides its premium publishers with ad creatives specifically tailored to best fit podcast content. It also creates a dedicated venue for advertisers targeting the in-demand audiences of premium podcasts while providing them with detailed metrics.

National Public Media (NPM), the sales team for NPR and PBS stations and their digital offerings, will be working with AdsWizz to drive sales to advertisers and their agencies. Under the terms of the deal, NPM will sell PodWave inventory to advertisers, capitalizing on the large and growing podcast audience.

PodWave enables advertisers to deliver targeted audio ads tailored to listeners’ locations, listening devices, demographic categories and other profile elements, including the subject matter of the podcast. In order to provide advertisers with a messaging format that is consistent with the spoken word nature of podcasts, NPM will provide proven audio creative production services to PodWave advertisers. With this partnership, AdsWizz and NPM are enabling advertisers to easily achieve broad scale across the podcast medium