ID3 Editor Mp3Tag Now Available for Mac

MP3Tag LogoIt’s a step in the publishing process that somehow, podcasters are still forgetting about; Adding proper ID3 tags to media files before uploading them for distribution. The common wisdom when it comes to ID3 tags has been to “just use iTunes.” And while Apple’s monolithic media management application does a fine job of tagging, it may not be the right choice for everyone.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to iTunes when it comes to ID3 tags. One such option, Mp3Tag was previously only available on the Windows platform. But the media-tagging app is now also available for the Mac.

Media creators who find the process of adding tags to be confusing and convoluted with iTunes will surely appreciate Mp3Tag’s minimalist approach.

Mp3Tag Screen

Mp3Tag works on the Mac using Wine, a type of emulator that allows Windows applications to run on other platforms. There are two versions of Mp3Tag available for download. One version comes without the necessary Wine software (for users who already have Wine running on their Macs) and another version of the app that has Wine built-in. (The Wine connection explains why, even on the Mac, Mp3Tag has a very Windows-y look and feel.)

Mp3Tag for Mac is available for OS X versions Snow Leopard thru El Capitan. It can be downloaded for free thru the above link.

Hat tip to Charles Wiltgen of the Farstuff podcast for providing the Mp3Tag screenshot.