Ricochet Network has Podcasts for Conservatives

Ricochet Network logoThe Ricochet Network has a simple goal: to provide listeners with the best center-right conversation on the planet. It is a podcast network for conservatives. They cover politics (of course) but also a variety of other topics.

Every week, Ricochet offers an all-star lineup of fun and bracing podcasts on a wide breadth of topics ranging from politics to law to money. Their podcasts also cover economics, world affairs, social issues, religion, entertainment and the arts, race, history, the military, science and technology, gender, literature, philosophy, family life, sports, and cooking. In other words, it resembles other podcast networks, but presents conservative viewpoints.

The Ricochet Network was originally founded in 2011 by Peter Robinson and Rob Long (who is a contributing editor for National Review.) The About Page says that conservatives are often presented as a series of stereotypes, which the creators of the Ricochet Network feel are “demonstrably false.” They felt the way to convince people that the stereotypes about conservatives are incorrect is to show them – through podcasting.

The Ricochet Podcast is the flagship podcast of the network. It is hosted by James Lileks, Rob Long, and Peter Robinson. The show also includes guests. They discuss the issues of the week.

James Lileks is also involved in other podcasts on the network (James Lileks’ The Diner, and James Lilek’s The Ramble) Rob Long is also part of the GloP Culture with Goldberg, Long, and Podhoretz podcast.

Perhaps the most unique podcast on the Ricochet Network is called The Conservatarians. It is described as “Conservative? Libertarian? Conservatarian!” It is hosted by Ricochet Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel and Stephen Miller of The Wilderness.