Politics Inside Out Covers the Political Conventions

Politics Inside Out logoPolitics Inside Out is a new podcast on Marketplace, which is produced and distributed by American Public Media (APM) in association with the University of Southern California. The unique thing about Politics Inside Out is that it is a limited-run “pop-up” podcast that will focus on the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention.

Politics Inside Out is by Andrea Seabrook, Nancy Marshall-Genzer, and Katie Long. Andrea Seabrook is an award-winning journalist with more than 15 years focusing on government and politics. She joined Marketplace as its D.C. Bureau Chief and Senior Editor.

Nancy Marshall-Gezner is a senior reporter for Marketplace who is working from the Washington D.C. Bureau. She started with Marketplace in 2007 after writing freelance pieces for years prior. Katie Long is a producer for Marketplace. She plans news coverage for the daily show in addition to producing host interviews and series.

The first episodes of Politics Inside Out will be from the Republican National Convention (followed later by episodes from the Democratic National Convention). The purpose of this “pop-up” podcast is to make a show that is more timely than other podcasts have been. It’s going to include coverage from important political events as the events are happening.

According to Poynter the format of the podcast is based on Andrea Seabrook’s thesis for political coverage. She plans to find people outside the arenas where the conventions are being held take their questions into the convention hall. She’s also going to ask convention attendees policy statements and bring them back to the people outside.

The episodes will be posted before 4:00 in the morning on convention days, which will be a challenge for the team doing the interviewing, editing, and narrating. The point of choosing such a tight turn-around time is to get the episodes out there as quickly as possible. If Politics Inside Out gets 50,000 subscribers, there is a chance the show will continue after the conventions end.