Blubrry Launches Priority Advertising Program

Blubrry logoPodcasters like to make money. And while there are different approaches to monetization, the good ol’ CPM-based ad campaign is one of the oldest and most venerable ways to bring cash to your ‘cast. Blubrry has been partnering potential sponsors with willing podcasters for over a decade. And the company has taken its advertising services to the next level with the launch of its Priority Advertising Program.

Blubrry CEO Todd Cochrane elaborated on the new program thru a post on Facebook:

One big challenge we have had over the past year is that podcasters doing all the steps to be prepared for podcast advertising we require. Run Free Stats, Fill out a Advertising Application, optionally run demographic surveys and ask to be part of upcoming deals. Yet when the perfect advertiser is found they do not respond or turn deals down.
Or worse turn deals down when they said they were already on-board. To combat this and keep media buyers and us from going insane we have implemented what we are calling Blubrry Advertising Priority Partners.

This was elaborated on further with a post on the Blubrry website:

For Blubrry to compete in today’s podcast advertising world, we need to be able to move fast and implement campaigns with shows we know are ready and willing to run advertising as soon as possible. To do this, we need to create a strong and trustworthy relationship.

Here are some specifics of the Priority Advertising Program:

  • Campaigns will have a minimum CPM of $20 and/or an appropriate flat rate
  • Nearly all campaigns will be host-endorsed
  • Campaigns require sponsor mentions with trackable URL links in shownotes
  • On-site ad banners are optional, but they can add value to campaigns
  • Podcasts will be bundled with other shows as a package for advertisers and media buyers
  • Joining this Blubrry program doesn’t exclude podcasters from looking for advertising thru other sources

Learn more about the Priority Advertising Program and sign up here.

Disclosure: Blubrry CEO Todd Cochrane is Executive Editor of Podcaster News and I work part-time with the Blubrry support team.