Podbean Launched Podbean Advertising Marketplace

Podbean logoPodbean launched the Podbean Advertising Marketplace. It is a service designed to help podcasters and advertisers to connect. The Podbean Advertising Markeplace aims to revolutionize podcast advertising.

It is free to join the Podbean Advertising Marketplace. The idea is that podcasters who join will find that the service is a simple way to earn money through sponsorship on their podcast. Advertisers can browse the selection of Podcasts that have joined and find the perfect podcast in which to place their ads.

Podcasters have the ability to accept ads that they feel will fit their shows. They can customize where the ads appear and have control over which episodes will contain ads. Podcasters can also decide which CPM rate they want. One interesting thing about the Podbean Advertising Marketplace is that it appears to give podcasters the ability to say “no” to ads that do not fit their show.

Advertisers will have podcasts recommended to them that match the advertiser’s criteria. Advertisers can also invite podcasts that they like. There is potential for a good match between a podcast and an ad to happen.

There is a tool on the Podbean Advertising Marketplace that podcasters can use to get an idea of how much they can earn through sponsorship on their podcast. Enter your estimated download information, and Podbean will let you know how much you could earn in a year. The tool on the Podbean website lets you choose how many ads to include in each episode, and if those ads will be pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll.

The Terms of Service specifically state that podcasters will always own the podcasts that they produce. It states that Podbean has no intention and will not own any of your podcasts or creative product.