World of Podcasts Takes Place Before BlizzCon

world-of-podcastsCon Before the Storm is featuring World of Podcasts on the night before BlizzCon X. This will be World of Podcast’s 4th year. The event is a party organized by fans, for fans. It includes special guest “personalities” who come to meet fans in person.

The World of Podcasts event will take place at the Anaheim Hilton, in Anaheim, California, on the evening of November 3, 2016. BlizzCon starts the very next day, and continues from November 4 through November 5. Con Before the Storm’s World of Podcasts focuses on Blizzard’s games, and the people who play them, podcast about them, or listen to podcasts about them.

Con Before the Storm will have a Fan Art gallery, a photobooth, meet & greet autograph rooms, live podcasts, and more. There will be several panels at this year’s World of Podcasts.

Con Before the Storm & World of Podcasts Kickoff

  • Heather (Xia) – The Sundering
  • Vee (Zoopercat) – Ask Mr Robot
  • Dave (Ceraphus) – The Sundering


  • Moderator: Garrett Weinzierl – The Angry Chicken
  • Josh Augustine – Happy Hearthstone
  • Chris Chan – ValueTown
  • Espo – Legend of the Innkeeper
  • Kevin Hovdestad – Well Met!

Heroes of the Storm

  • Moderator: Scott Johnson – Core
  • Rilandune – HoTScast
  • Ryan Reider – Lords of the Storm
  • Kyle Fergusson – Into the Nexus
  • Jon Jagger – Core

World of Warcraft

  • Moderator: Bay – Final Boss
  • Dustin – Horde for Life
  • Belle – Pwncast
  • Ben – Azeroth Round Table
  • Tavata & Tovo – Line of Sight Gaming


  • Moderator: John Horstmann – The Payload
  • Veritech – The Guardians
  • Frostee – Overcast
  • Kevin Ellis – The Calvery
  • Rosh – The Payload


  • Moderator: Rewt – Hearthcast
  • Chris Case – The Game Case
  • Fimlys – Twisted Nether
  • Freckleface – Hearthcast
  • Medros – All Things Azeroth
  • Kevin – Darkmoon Herald