Web Design Platform Wix Launches Podcast

wixpodartUsing a podcast as a content-marketing tool is nothing new. While this technique has been used by small companies and solo entrepreneurs for years, it’s being employed more frequently these days by large corporations looking to capture some of the organic marketing energy that the medium of podcasting has to offer. The latest entrant to the corporate content-marketing club is website-design service Wix, who recently launched the Who What Wix podcast:

Our brand new podcast is focused on the wildly inspirational and super helpful stories of small business owners. Listen to these influencers dish about their big wins and epic failures. We also grill marketing experts for creative advice you need to hear and go behind the scenes at Wix headquarters.

It’s clear Wix sees its audience as entrepreneurs and business owners, which makes sense for a company that provides template-based web-design tools made for people who need a website but don’t necessarily want to hire a designer. On why Wix started a podcast:

…sometimes you just don’t have time to read – you’re managing your business after all. If you’re a mega multi-tasker always on the go, an interesting audio file may be the perfect way to learn something new and enjoy the time spent. Podcasts are the newest and most delightful way to get an even closer look at who we are at Wix and get access to the gurus in the industry like never before.

Several episodes of Who What Wix are available to stream at the link above. The show is also listed on the iTunes Store.