Spreaker’s Content Management System Offers New Features

spreaker-cms-system-logoSpreaker has introduced its new Content Management System (CMS). It is a powerful new tool that makes general podcast and content management a cinch, so that you can make quick changes as needed. Spreaker has taken care of the tech so that podcasters can focus on podcasting.

The CMS is a full control board where you can view the entirety of your account’s content. It’s like a backstage area for your podcast production where you can access your podcast’s settings. The CMS gives you a full view of your operation and output at a glance. Use it to customize your embedded player, manage multiple episodes at once, adjust cover image sizes, and more.

Podcasters can use Spreaker’s CMS to upload a bunch of episodes at once. It is also possible to delete a bunch of content in bulk. Select the episodes you want to get rid of and then hit delete. You can even move episodes around to different shows if organizing may have gotten the best of you.

Another cool thing about Spreaker’s Content Management System is that it will allow you to change the dates of your published episodes to match your desired timeline, even if that means backdating them. And, you can edit the permalinks of your shows and episodes.