OnMilwaukee Has a Podcast Now

onmilwaukee-logoOnMilwaukee is an award-winning daily lifestyle magazine that focuses on news and events that are in and around the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It has been independently owned for more than 18 years, and is a digital only publication. OnMilwaukee recently started a podcast.

Interestingly, this new podcast is not OnMilwaukee’s first podcast. The first one was launched in 2008. Nearly 800 episodes were produced before they retired the podcast in 2014. Their new podcast does not yet have an official name, but it appears they are going with the name OnMilwaukee (for now).

The first episode of OnMilwaukee’s yet-to-be-named podcast is available on Soundcloud.

In the first episode, staff writers Jimmy Carlton and Matt Mueller introduce their podcast and discuss whether to let the public submit ideas for a name. They also recap the Milwaukee Film Festival and the Brewers’ season, preview the Bucks, Badgers, and Marquette, and wonder whether the Packers are still a good team. They also discuss soliciting a sausage company to sponsor the podcast.

The first episode was published on October 13, 2016. It appears that it might be a podcast that is released monthly (although we won’t know that for certain until at least one more episode is produced). Upcoming episodes will focus on pop culture, sports, locally relevant news, arts, dining, and the lifestyle stuff that the OldMilwaukee website features. There may also be interviews with guests.