Omny Studio Introduces Visualized Audio Feature

omny-studio-logoOmny Studio offers simple hosting and a powerful suite of tools for radio and podcasters. They recently introduced their new Visualized Audio feature. It was created to be eye-catching and to attract people to your podcast.

Omny Studio customers can now generate beautiful looking, customizable videos with animated waveforms to share on social media. Visualized Audio is intended to help podcasters promote their shows by sharing short snippits on social media.

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter serve content to their users based on algorithms. These algorithms prioritize native content or content that doesn’t link out of the platform. This is one of the reasons why sharing our visualized audio videos on these platforms is the best way to share your clip. By uploading the video natively, you are ensuring that platforms like Facebook are putting your video in front of as many people as possible.

Omny Studio customers who are on the Professional $9 USD per month plan or higher can use the Visualized Studio feature for free.