RememberMe App Lets You Highlight Podcast Audio Like a Book

RememberMe appWe’ve all been there. You’re listening to a podcast or audiobook while you’re out for a walk or driving a car. You hear some amazing piece of information you’d like to save for later. But you’re just not in a place where you can easily take down some notes. Maybe you take a screenshot of your device’s mobile player at the time where you heard the audio you’d like to save. Or you try and make a mental note of this important location within the audio. But most of the time, you simply forget about it altogether. A new app called RememberMe that’s currently in development is looking to change that by giving you the ability to¬†“highlight audio” for note taking in the same way you’d highlight text in a printed document:

You don’t have to pause your podcast, rewind, go to another app or notebook. One tap will save the last 30 seconds in audio and text.

Saves audio in text so you can review your important information later with out having to re-listen to the podcast.

Syncs with Evernote or Dropbox for safe storage, automatic organization, and easy retrieval and review.

The RememberMe app could prove to be a very useful tool for saving specific information from spoken word audio. The app is not yet available to the public but RememberMe’s developers are offering an e-mail signup for anyone who’d like to know about future updates.