DTR is a Podcast by Tinder and Gimlet Creative

The dating app Tinder has its own podcast. It’s called DTR: Define the Relationship and it is brought to you by Tinder and Gilmet Creative.

DTR is hosted by Jane Marie. She is the music supervisor at This American Life, and producer at Epic Magazine and Earwolf.  She also was an editor at Jezebel and The Hairpin and columnist at The Toast and Cosmopolitan. Tinder describes DTR this way:

Part wisdom, part data science, part investigative reporting – its a deep dive into the conversation about dating and relationships in the digital age. From the ubiquitous “hey” as an opening line to first date ‘fails’ to the various ways people Tinder in different cultures around the globe, DTR explores the good and bad, the hilarious and awkward, the wonderful and bizarre aspects of dating in today’s world.

Obviously, DTR is an ad for Tinder that takes the form of a podcast. It’s not the only podcast that is basically a long, yet entertaining, ad. General Electric’s The Message was a creative science-fiction podcast in which the characters use real ultrasound technology that has been developed by General Electric to decode messages. My best guess is that Tinder hopes that DTR will encourage people to use Tinder.

The first episode of DTR was released on December 8, 2016. There will be a total of six episodes.