The New York Times Launched “The Daily”

The New York Times has several of its own podcasts that cover a wide range of topics. They just launched a brand new podcast called The Daily.

The Daily  is hosted by Michael Barbaro, a longtime New York Times correspondent. The Daily is described as: “This moment demands an explanation. The Daily is on a mission to find it.”

Michael Barbaro said: “It isn’t quite a podcast – although you can listen wherever you listen to podcasts. It isn’t quite the radio – although the mechanics are largely the same. It isn’t quite the newspaper – although we’ll be drawing heavily on the journalism that powers The New York Times”.

The Daily will release fifteen minute episodes five days a week. The first episode was released on February 1, 2017. The topic is Neil Gorsuch, who President Trump nominated for the Supreme Court.

The second episode, which was released on February 2, 2017, asks the questions: “Who is influencing our new president’s views of Islam and radical Islamic terrorism?” and “Are we seeing the beginning of a Tea Party on the Left?” The episode also mention’s the latest news from Beyonce.  It appears that The Daily is going to cover the biggest news of the day – whatever it happens to be.