Player FM Introduces a Gold Plan

Player FM announced some of what’s coming in 2017. They are introducing a Gold Plan for users who want to use the app but do not want to see any ads.

The Gold Plan is a subscription plan that will cost $9.99/year. Player FM wants to build a real premium experience with their Gold Plan. They are planning on introducing features that “would be too niche or costly to produce as part of the free version.”

That makes it clear that Player FM will continue to offer the free version of its app. The free version will not have the premium features that come with the Gold Plan. The free version will include ads. One purpose of the Gold Plan is to give users a way to opt-out of ads (if they want to). Player FM is going to continue to support and improve the free version of its app.

The first feature coming to Gold Plan subscribers will be custom, cloud-sync’d playlists. This gives subscribers a way to build a list of episodes in any order and optionally to keep it offline. The playlist can also be made public. Building and viewing these lists will be supported on both web and Android.

The initial Gold Plan will include file management. Subscribers will have the ability to import media from the file system and manage and play it in the app.  Later this year, the Gold Plan will include full play position and play history sync. Another feature, that will be added later, is the ability to import private/premium feeds. The Gold Plan will launch in beta and users can provide feedback.