Pregnant Pause – A Couple Ponders Becoming Parents

Do you want to have kids? That question is one that most, if not all, couples grapple with. It is an intensely personal discussion that can be extremely emotional. Pregnant Pause allows you to listen in as a couple works through the process of deciding whether or not to have kids.

Pregnant Pause is hosted and produced by Zak Rosen and Shira Heisler, who are a married couple. The podcast is described as “their intimate account of making the most important decision of their lives (so far).” Zak Rosen is a Detroit-based story maker who was a founding producer of WDET’s Detroit Today.

The phrase “pregnant pause” refers to a situation where no one is speaking – but there is this awareness that someone is about to share thoughts that are extremely important. The implication is that those unexpressed thoughts are controversial, or emotionally heavy, and perhaps life changing.

Pregnant Pause is a series of discussions a couple had with each other, and with friends, family, writers, and scientists. Listeners must wait until the eight-episode series reveals whether or not Zak Rosen and Shira Heisler decided to have a baby. Assuming, of course, that answer is revealed by the end of the series. The couldn’t be a more appropriate name for this podcast than Pregnant Pause.

The first episode of Pregnant Pause was released on March 17, 2017, (following a trailer). New episodes are released every Friday. The episodes were created over the past year, and took several hundred hours to produce. Pregnant Pause is made in partnership with Pineapple Street Media, a Brooklyn-based podcast company.