Anchor Brings Interview Recording Ability to its Platform

Anchor logoPodcasters record a lot of interviews. And there may be as many techniques for recording interviews as there are interview-based podcasts. Audio-production and distribution service Anchor became the latest entrant to the interview-recording space with a recent update to its mobile app:

…Anchor, an iOS app that aims to “democratize audio,” is releasing a new interview tool that makes broadcasting significantly easier. You can now use the app to record and publish a phone conversation, turning any call into a potential interview for broadcast. And thanks to a partnership with Watson, IBM’s machine learning software, Anchor will automatically generate a transcript of your call and email it to you.

With this recent update, Anchor is attempting to provide two problems often faced by podcasters; recording interviews and generating transcripts. According to the article linked above, Anchor still has some work to do with its transcriptions:

About six minutes after our 10-minute interview, the transcript arrived in my email. It was in rough shape: Watson can’t yet differentiate between speakers, so you’re left to parse a massive block of text. (Anchor says this will change soon.) In my experience, the transcription was about as good as the software that transcribes your voicemails on Google Voice or iOS: good enough for a rough guide, but way too rough to quote from without listening to the audio again yourself.

If you’d like to try Anchor for your next interview, the app is available as a free download from the iOS App Store.