Small Batch Audio is Working to Revolutionize Podcast Production

Small Batch Audio LogoThere’s a myriad number of tools available to podcast producers. Everything from simple USB microphones and free software to multichannel interfaces and full-featured digital audio workstations are employed every day by podcasters around the world. Despite the many options available when it comes to podcasting gear, there’s always room for more. Especially when that new technology promises to deliver big results in a compact form. And most important of all, that new technology has been touched by the hand of The Podfather himself, Adam Curry.

Small Batch Audio is the name of this project that’s working to revolutionize podcast production:

The man who brought you the first podcast revolution is about to bring the second.

Adam Curry made it possible for anyone to be a broadcaster. Now he’s making it possible for anyone to sound like one!

The Small Batch Audio Podcaster Pro rig will allow you to sound like the Pro you are – without working for a radio studio!

This revolutionary USB audio device, no bigger than a book, is the first device specifically made to optimize human voice recording for podcasting.

Adam Curry is working with a dedicated team to finalize the Small Batch product. When the Small Batch Audio rig is ready, it will be launched via Kickstarter. To get updates on the forthcoming Kickstarter campaign, sign up for Adam’s Kickstarter Updates e-mail list.