Columbus Podcast Festival 2017

The Columbus Podcast Festival is the first podcast festival in Columbus, Ohio. It will take place on April 26, and April 27, 2017. Tickets are on sale now, and range from $10 to $20. The start time for each night is 8:00 PM and will end shortly after midnight.

Columbus Podcast Festival is holding a DIY Podcast Contest.  The contest is an open pitch to anyone who’s purchased an Early Bird pass to the festival. Email them the legal full name you used to purchase the pass, your order confirmation number, and title the email DIY. They will pick the best submission and premier that podcast at an exclusive live show on the second day of the festival.

Your DIY submission should include: a name, a description, and a plan for your show at the festival. Who is hosting? Who are the guests? How many mics will you need?

DIY Contest Restrictions: You can’t have more than three guests. You can’t steal someone else’s idea. You can have props (but Columbus Podcast Festival will not be buying them for you). Keep in mind that this is a show and there will be a live audience to watch you.

There will be several podcasts featured at the 2017 Columbus Podcast Festival:

April 26th:

  • The Green Room
  • Amanda’s Picture Show A Go Go
  • Fart Cast
  • Confluence Cast
  • Guitar Knobs
  • FiliBUSTED!
  • Oddfellow Odditties
  • What’s the Deal with Creativity?
  • FYI Podcast

April 27th

  • Still Buffering
  • The Sounds of Bustown
  • Court Appointed
  • It’s All Been Done Radio Hour
  • Sawbones
  • The Comedy Underground
  • 6pod4
  • Babes to Know

There will also be a Podcast Workshop which is a pre-festival program scheduled on the first day of the festival. It will be presented by Craig Clawson of 6pod4 and Columbus Podcasters Meet-up. Craig will later be joined by podcasters Tim Fulton, Pat Deering, Christine Horvath, and Erik Tait for a Q&A.