Ecamm Announces Ecamm Live

Ecamm is the creator of products that are helpful for podcasters that use Macs. I’ve used Ecamm’s Call Recorder for Skype for years, and highly recommend it. I find it to be a useful backup just in case my recording (or the recording done by a co-host) crashes and is lost forever. I’ve also used it to record podcasts with people who do not know how to record their own audio.

Now, Ecamm is introducing something new – Ecamm Live.

Ecamm Live puts the power of Facebook Live at your fingertips. You can try it for free. It requires MacOS 10.11 or newer. You can purchase Ecamm Live for $29.95 (and it comes with free lifetime updates).

Ecamm Live allows podcasters to stream in HD quality with one click, using any connected mic and capture device. You can even switch between cameras during a broadcast. It has seamless Facebook integration, which means there is no need to worry about stream keys or complicated set-up steps. The app takes care of it all.

Once you’re live, you will be able to see the audience size, Facebook comments, and reactions right in Ecamm Live. Ecamm makes it easy for you to add text and graphics such as a company logo to your livestream. Simply type a title or drag an image into place. Ecamm Live even supports animated GIF overlays.

Ecamm Live is for streaming high-quality live video. But you can also use it to broadcast a video file that has been pre-recorded. Just drag the file into the app.

In addition, Ecamm can be used to Livestream your presentations, tutorials, demos and gameplay with one click. You can add a live picture-in-picture to the broadcast for a personal touch. I can see where this feature would make it easy for people who podcast about video games to include their gameplay right into the podcast – and broadcast it on Facebook Live.