Tor Books Announces Tor Labs – A Dramatic Podcast Imprint

Tor Books, a leading global publisher of science fiction and fantasy, has announced Tor Labs.  It is a new imprint of Tor emphasizing experimental approaches to genre publishing, beginning with original dramatic podcasts.

Steal the Stars, the debut podcast of Tor Labs, will be released this summer. It is a science fiction audio drama that will be produced in partnership with Gideon Media. It was written by Mac Rogers, the award-winning writer of the global hit podcast thrillers, The Message and LifeAfter.

Steal the Stars is the story of Dakota Prentiss and Mat Salem, two government employees guarding the biggest secret in the world: a crashed UFO. Despite being forbidden to fraternize, Dak and Matt fall in love and decide to escape to a better life on the wings of an incredibly dangerous plan: they’re going to steal the alien body they’ve been guarding and sell the secret of its existence.

Steal the Stars will have 14 episodes that will be released weekly from August 1, 2017, through November 1, 2017. It will be available worldwide on all major podcast distributors through the Macmillan Podcast Network. The podcast will be immediately followed by a novelization of the entire serial from Tor Books, as well as an ads-free audio book of the podcast from Macmillan Audio.