Instrument Builder Moniker Guitars Launches Podcast

Moniker Guitars podcast artMusicians spend a lot of their time listening to audio. And while a lot of that listening time is probably devoted to music, even the most devoted music consumers have to sometimes take a break. That’s why it’s a smart move when companies that provide products and services geared towards musicians get into podcasting. That’s exactly what Austin, TX-based instrument builder Moniker Guitars has done with the launch of its new podcast.

Moniker Guitars explained its thinking behind the podcast in a recent e-mail blast:

We’re excited to bring you Episode 1 of the Moniker Guitars podcast. And just like Star Wars: Episode 1, we have our own version of Jar Jar Binks, producer and engineer Rick King of King Sound Studios. Just kidding Rick!

Kevin and Steve from Moniker sit down with Rick to talk about his amazing studio, King Sound, in Peducah KY (where?!), and his approach for recording bands such as Hit The Lights, Alta View and many more.

Moniker Guitars seems like a natural fit for producing a podcast. It’s somewhat surprising that more musical instrument and/or audio equipment companies aren’t producing their own.

The Moniker Guitars podcast can be found thru the link at the top of this article. The show is also listed on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, and Stitcher.