Adam Curry’s Podcaster Pro is on Indiegogo

The Podcaster Pro is a USB Audio device that has been over a decade in the making by Adam Curry. All you need to make podcasts is the Podcast Pro, your laptop, and an XLR mic – and your podcast will sound like it was recorded in a professional recording studio! The Podcaster Pro is now on Indiegogo.  At the time I am writing this post, the campaign has 2 months left.

The Podcaster Pro is designed from the ground up to provide the best possible audio quality for either live streaming or recording. Every component, from custom chip programming, to board design, to case design, to custom knobs, has been rigorously engineered to Adam Curry’s specifications, giving you his years of experience in radio and television to create the single most ergonomic all-in-one processing device for podcasters and voice over talent.

Podcaster Pro Features:

  • 2 Analog 48v Mic Inputs
  • Digital Stereo Master Input
  • Digital Stereo Skype Input
  • Digital Master Output
  • Analog Master Output
  • Digital Mix Minus Output
  • Podcaster Room Tune
  • DSP Master Noise Gate
  • DSP Skype Noise Gate
  • DSP EQ Mics
  • DSP EQ Skype
  • Dual Headphone Jacks
  • Cough Switch
  • No Driver/Software required

The Podcaster Pro lets you tailor recording options using an intuitive interface of just 2 dials and 3 soft buttons. All parameters can be adjusted and then saved to memory for later recall. You can also reset the box to Adam’s personal presets at the push of a button!

Podcaster Pro Audio Specs:

Input channels

  • 2x XLR Mic inputs with 48vPhantom Power
  • 1x stereo skype/voip USB input
  • 1x stereo computer/soundboard USB input

Output channels

  • 1x stereo Mix Minus for Skype via USB
  • 1x stereo Main via USB
  • 1x stereo Main analog out

Additional Audio Specs

  • 2x headphones with independent volume controls
  • 4x independent noise gates
  • 5x compressors/limiters
  • 2x A class preamps
  • 5x independent EQs
  • 2x cough switches

There are a variety of awesome perks in this Indiegogo campaign.  Some of the most interesting ones involve signatures.  It is possible to get special Podcaster Pro signature edition with one of the following signatures laser inscribed on premium sides of the device: Adam Curry, John Lee Dumas, Todd Cochrane, Dan Benjamin, Mike Koenigs, Brian Brushwood, or with the Podcast Movement logo. Check out the Indiegogo campain for full details.

One thought on “Adam Curry’s Podcaster Pro is on Indiegogo

  1. love the idea, but its way overpriced – $650+ and that’s without a mic. Add another ~$200+ for mic and stand.

    As opposed to:
    $100 for a scarlett 2i2
    $100-200 for a good XLR shotgun mic, even throw in $50 for a stand
    $0 voicemeeter software, create virtual audio bus, pull/push from skype

    and you’re there for less than half the price. Add noisegates etc if you really must.

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