TED Presents Sincerely X Podcast

Earlier this year, TED announced the Sincerely, X podcast. It is an original audio series that features speakers sharing their important ideas in TED’s signature format, anonymously. Recently, Midroll became the exclusive ad representative for the podcast.

Episodes include speakers who need to separate their professional ideas from their personal lives; those who want to share an idea, but fear it would hurt someone in their family if they did so publicly; and quiet idealists whose solutions could transform lives.

At first, the Sincerely, X podcast was an original audio series by Audible. It was hosted by June Cohen, and executive produced by Deron Triff, both of whom are TED veterans. Colin Campbell from Audible was also an executive producer.

On June 16, 2017, Midroll announced that it is the exclusive ad representative for the TED Presents: Sincerely, X podcast. The ten episode-series debuted on Audible Channels in February of this year, and the ad-supported launch will be July 20, 2017.  A preview is available on Stitcher.

Midroll’s announcement included a quote from host Julie Cohen. “The reach of TED Talks has expanded widely over the years. But one question always nagged us: How may ideas worth spreading remain hidden because people can’t speak publicly about the very thing they feel the world needs to hear? It’s an exciting moment for use to now have Sincerely, X as a vehicle for unearthing and sharing this kind of idea.”

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