Microsoft and Gimlet Launch .future

Microsoft Story Labs and Gimlet Creative have teamed up to launch a podcast called .future (which is pronounced “dot future”). Each episode will focus on technologies across a variety of sectors. The first episode was released on June 28, 2017.

The future isn’t random; it’s the result of the choices we make now. Choices about how we think, work, communicate, and learn. Join Microsoft Story Labs and Gimlet Creative for .future (dot future), a new branded podcast that explores tomorrow’s technology today and how it will affect generations to come.

The host of .future is Cristina Quinn. She is a science and technology reporter. She is also the co-host of Trace Elements (from PRX).

As of the time I am writing this blog post, a Trailer has been released for .future. The first episode is titled “Securing a Digital Battlefield”. The episode is hosted by Cristina Quinn, and features five guests. The episode is described as: “In this episode, we examine a new battlefield: The cloud. The information we store in the cloud makes it especially vulnerable to attack. So, what it takes to create a safeguard against bad actors? We explore how a digital Geneva Convention could be the solution.”

An upcoming episode of .future will focus on Minecraft. It is a popular video game that launched in 2009 that allows players to build things. Today, the game has being used in education, communication, and relationships for many people. This episode features poet Victoria Bennet, who used Minecraft as a way to express her grief over her mother’s illness and as a way to preserve her mother’s memory.

Another upcoming episode will focus on Health. It features Chris Dancy, who believes it is possible to know more about your health than your doctor does. He describes himself as a “mindful cyborg” and he has rebuilt his own health by collecting data about himself.