Gimlet Ended the Twice Removed Podcast

Twice Removed is a podcast from Gimlet that has now come to an end. It was a family history podcast that released a total of six episodes. The last episode was posted on June 16, 2017, and served as a Father’s Day episode.

Twice Removed was hosted by A.J. Jacobs, author of several New York Times best sellers. People who are interested in genealogy and family history might recognize his name from the Global Family Reunion (which he was the founder of).

The Global Family Reunion took place on June 6, 2015. The main concept behind it is that everyone is a cousin to everyone else. This notion raised some controversy among professional genealogists.

The description of Twice Removed touches on that concept: “A new family history podcast hosted by A.J. Jacobs. They say we’re one big family: this is the show that proves it. You will be filled with delight…or abject horror. You never know. It’s family”.

On June 16, 2017, the Twice Removed Facebook page included a post that announced that the podcast had come to it’s end. It stated that the podcast was not coming back for a second season.

…Twice Removed, was one of the most ambitious shows we’ve launched to date. Each episode included months of research, story scouting, genealogy and production. We set a high bar for what we wanted the show to achieve creatively, and the team met that bar consistently. We couldn’t be prouder of what they accomplished.

Ultimately, Twice Removed proved to be too complicated to produce on a consistent basis. As part of our commitment to making the best podcasts possible for our listeners, we decided it was best to sunset Twice Removed, and refocus our efforts on making other great shows. …

The final episode of Twice Removed is titled “Ginny”. Its description says: “A 93-year-old man takes a DNA test, and everything changes.” At the time I am writing this blog, all six episodes of Twice Removed are still on the Gimlet website.

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  1. A solid show, but seemed more of a match for radio than podcasting. While i admire Gimlet for taking chances on new shows, if you look at what’s working for them, everything has a similar formula. Why not stick with that? I get it from an artistic perspective, but not from a business one. Or why not partner with NPR for some of the shows like this one? That might work too.

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