Anchor Offers the Easiest Way to Make a Podcast

Anchor is offering the “easiest way to make a podcast, ever” in its newest release. You can now record and post and publish your podcast on major podcast outlets right through Anchor.

In the newest release, Anchor becomes the only platform where you can publish to major podcast outlets like Apple Podcasts and Google Play Music with a single tap of a button on your phone. Available today for iOS and Android, – it’s 100% free, entirely mobile, and so easy to use that literally anyone can make a podcast now.

In the blog post, Anchor explains their motivation. “One of the most common things we hear from people is that they want their Anchor station to be discoverable as an actual podcast.” This new release makes that possible. To quote Anchor’s blog post: “Unfamiliar with RSS? Cool, let’s keep it that way.”

It seems to me that Anchor is aiming at people who are brand new to podcasting and who do not yet have the technical knowledge to record, edit, post, and submit their episodes themselves. Or, it might be for super busy people who want to make a quick podcast and not have to spend time with the technical aspects of podcasting.

Anchor says that it makes recording and sharing audio as simple as talking on the telephone. It suggests you can use their platform to capture your own voice, take call-ins from listeners, conduct remote interviews with anyone, or broadcast full length songs from Apple Music or Spotify.

When your episode is done, and you are happy with it – you can post your podcast in one tap to your Anchor station. Anchor will take care of submission and distribution to Apple Podcasts and Google Play for you.

To me, it seems that Anchor just made podcasting super easy for new people to try. It lets people focus on creating without having to take the time to learn how the technology aspects work, to learn how to edit, or to figure out what an RSS feed is.

On the other hand… some of this makes me cringe. As a person who has done music podcasting in the past, I worry about the legality of broadcasting full length songs from Apple Music or Spotify. It is unclear to me how someone who podcasts on Anchor would know if a song was released under creative commons, released under public domain, or if it was owned by a record label. Hopefully, Anchor has worked out the details and permissions for that behind the scenes.

I’m also cringing about what the quality of the audio might be like. I’ve listened to podcasts on Blog Talk Radio, and while the content may be interesting, I found the audio lacking. Anchor is designed to be recorded on your phone.

And, as always, there is a risk to having all of your creative content located entirely on a platform that you do not own. There have been situations in the past where podcasters woke up one day to learn that their hosting service shut down and disappeared without warning – along with all the content they posted on it.