Spreaker Introduces Follower Tracking

Spreaker has launched follower tracking. It is a new data point that is intended to give you another statistic to help you attract and keep followers. The blog post about follower tracking says: “If you podcast, they will follow.”

One thing that Spreaker’s new follower tracking feature can do is enable you to trace spikes in followers back to actual episodes and marketing decisions. If you see a spike in followers, you can backtrack to potentially determine what caused it. It might be related to your killer social media campaign, or an episode where you interviewed someone famous.

Another thing that Spreaker’s new follower tracking can do is give you more information about your follower count. A random person might play one episode and never return. Your followers, on the other hand, are committed and want to return to hear more. Spreaker’s follower tracking can show you if you’ve kept up with the high-quality content, consistent schedule, and engaging materials your listeners want.

Spreaker’s new follower tracking can also help you get to know your audience really well.

A Spreaker follower is an actual person with a profile you can look at. So, whenever you see a sudden upshot in numbers, find out who else that follower follows and who follows them back, and discover a whole network of communities to tap into.

If your podcast is on Spreaker, and you have a Broadcaster plan or higher, then you can make use of Spreaker’s new follower tracking and the information it provides. The Broadcaster Plan cost $19.99 a month (or $199 billed annually).