PowerPress Version 7.1 has Launched

PowerPress is the number one podcasting plugin, with over 1 million downloads worldwide. PowerPress version 7.1 has launched. Here is a look at what to expect from this new version.

One thing to be aware of is that PowerPress 7.1 requires WordPress 3.6 or newer. WordPress 4.8+ is recommended.

PowerPress 7.1 now supports the new tags that Apple added in iOS version 11 including:

  • iTunes:type, iTunes:episode, and iTunes:season – These tags were added by Apple to support serialized content.
  • iTunes:episodeType – This tag adds a way to mark special episodes of your podcast.
  • iTunes:Title – This is Apple’s solution for podcasters who add episode numbers and other extra information to their blog post titles.
  • content:encoded & iTunes:summary – This is a value containing the show notes for your episode.

PowerPress version 7.1 also contains other upgrades and improvements:

Subscribe on iTunes has been changed to Subscribe on Apple Podcasts.

Secure HTTPS website using Blubrry Podcast Media Hosting are now automatically supported. Media URLs are now automatically converted to HTTPS. You no longer have to edit past episodes if you switch from HTTP to HTTPS.

The Windows Media Player embed for wmv video and wma audio has been removed. Chrome, Safari, Firefox as well as Microsoft Edge browsers do not support the Windows Media Player embed, so providing support for the Windows Media Player embed is no longer practical. In its place will be a play link which will open the media on the device’s default media player.