Out Here in America Explores Lives of LGBTQ People in the Deep South

Out Here in America is a podcast from the Sun Herald in Mississipi and McClatchy (which is the parent company of The Sun Herald). The podcast explores the lives of LGBTQ people who live in small rural towns across the Deep South.

Out Here in America is hosted by Justin Mitchell, who wrote an article in 2016 that appeared in the Sun Herald. The article was titled “I’m young, I’m gay and in Mississippi I’ll Stay”.  In the introductory episode of the podcast, Justin Mitchell mentions the article. He says that’s where Out Here in America comes in. It gives voice to the LGBTQ community living in historically conservative, traditionally religious places.

The podcast is story driven. Guests open up about stereotypes, discrimination, and the journeys that make them who they are. The title of the first episode is “Remembering the Pulse nightclub shooting, with Chris Hansen”. Chris Hansen was a survivor of the shooting, and was in the news for his efforts to help a victim of the shooting.

Other episodes feature Tig Notaro. She was nominated for a Grammy for her TV show “Live”. Tig got married to her partner Stephane, and they had twin boys. Tig has an Amazon series called “One Mississippi”. The episode delves into some discrimination she faced in Mississippi, where she grew up and got married.

At the time I am writing this, Out Here in America has one welcome episode, six episodes, and two bonus episodes. You can subscribe to Out Here in America on Apple Podcasts or Stitcher. It is also available on SoundCloud.