Podrover Announces Twitter Snippets

Podrover collects the reviews of your podcast from iTunes and Stitcher. They notify you of new reviews and automatically share your favorite ones on social media. Podrover has announced Twitter Snippets.

So far you have been using a canned text snippet to share your favorite reviews automatically. Not anymore! Now you can specify different snippets. At the moment there’s two, one for English and one for Spanish.


Podrover included this image to give you a look at the improvement they made to Twitter Snippets. You can now have Podrover send out a Tweet about your podcast either in English or in Spanish. I can see where this would be useful for podcasts that are done in Spanish, or for podcasts that are done in English but have a large audience in a country where most people speak Spanish.

Obviously, Twitter Snippets are only accessible to podcasters who not only are paying a subscription to Podrover, but also have plenty of fans on Twitter. At the time I am writing this blog, it does not appear that Podrover has a service similar to Twitter Snippets for Facebook or other forms of social media.

For those that are interested, Podrover has three levels of subscriptions. (Choose either monthly or yearly.)

All plans include:
* Email notifications
* Slack notifications
* Image cards
* Daily report
* Weekly report
* RSS feed health check
* Graphs by time and country
* Auto-share on social media
* Embeddable widget
* Cancel at any time
* Awesome support