Anchor Made Improvements to Anchor Video

After launching Anchor Videos, Anchor went one step farther and made an improvement to Anchor Videos. They have added some useful new features.

Anchor Videos have been a resounding success, finally giving people (and brands) the ability to quickly and easily share their audio, whether they’re promoting a podcast, sharing a quote, or just using it as a quick way to get their voice heard. And today, we’re announcing a few new features that make Anchor Videos even more powerful.

You can now trim any video before sharing. Instead of sharing a full video for a segment, you can now trim the video any time (and as often as) you want. Anchor has made it just as easy and intuitive to trim as it is to transcribe your segment in the first place. Instead of messing with cursors, just tap the word you want to start with and the word you want to finish on.

It is now possible to share a video of anyone’s segment. If you find a segment you want to share, and the creator has transcribed it, you’ll see a special icon which lets you know you can share it as a link or a video. If you choose video, you will have the option to trim it first, or to share the whole thing.

Another newly added feature allows you to customize your video. Anchor got feedback that people wanted to be able to change the colors to better match their existing branding. Now, you can choose from a set of color themes. Anchor will be adding more color themes over time.

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