AudioBurst Announced AudioBurst Search

AudioBurst develops technologies and products that take spoken-word media to the next level. They believe that auditory media will continue to play an important role in society and in the future. Their vision is to digitally organize that mass of audio information on a global scale.

AudioBurst announced a new product called AudioBurst Search. It is a search engine for finding, discovering, listening to, and sharing the latest news over audio. It accesses the world’s largest library of live and pre-recorded podcasts and radio simply by searching a keyword.

If you used AudioBurst’s skills on Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, then you will see that AudioBurst Search works exactly the same way. Only now, its available on web and mobile-optimized web.

AudioBurst Search is one more step in the direction towards our mission to organize the world’s audio information. We’re excited to be able to offer the world’s content creators and publishers one more channel to serve their audio content, and we can’t wait to see how you find ways to interact with our new search engine.

Each 1-3 minute burst of audio is stored in AudioBurst’s content library. Those bursts are not only readily retrievable through AudioBurst Search, but also major search engines like Google, Bing, and Safari. It is possible to come across one of their clips while searching on Google for news on your favorite topics.

In addition, AudioBurst has something called Podcaster Pro. It is an RSS Based Automatic Audio Transcription service that is free to use.  Enter your RSS Podcast URL Feed into the AudioBurst website.  AudioBurst automatically pulls your last podcast and transcribes and extracts the best audio highlights based on topics.