Millennial has been Discontinued

PRX and Radiotopia announced that Megan Tan, host of Millennial had made the decision to discontinue production of the podcast. The show began three years ago, and lasted for three seasons.

Millennial was a podcast about coming-of-age. Megan Tan was the creator and host of Millennial, which was a Radiotopia podcast based in her closet in Portland, Maine. Ben Severance was the executive producer of Millennial and is the founder of the production company Timber & Frame. Millennial was produced by Megan Tan and Ned Donovan and edited by Julie Shapiro.

Millennial started as a podcast about the intimate details of Megan Tan’s life as she navigated the world post-college graduation. As a constant focus on herself became untenable, Megan shifted to telling coming-of-age stories of other people (in season two). In doing so, the show’s initial intent had been transformed, and making regularly produced episodes became more challenging.

As such, Megan Tan made the difficult decision to bring Millennial to a close. The final episode is number 47, which is titled “Saying Goodbye”. You can find it, as well as previous episodes, on the Millennial website.  At the time I am writing this, Millennial is still available on iTunes.