Podcast Detroit is a Podcast Incubator

Podcast Detroit is a podcast incubator. They can help you to start a podcast of your own. Podcast Detroit makes it easy for you to put out content on your terms, whether you want a weekly 2-hour show, a monthly 15-minute show, or anything in between.

Podcast Detroit was born in July of 2015. In May of 2016, they moved to their Royal Oak location. They have four studios ready for your use. Three studios are for up to eight people, and one studio is for four people.

Podcast Detroit recently opened a new studio in the historic Corktown district of downtown Detroit where they offer the same services as they do at their Royal Oak location. This location also has green screen, photography shoots, and live in-studio band performances.

For individuals, Podcast Detroit charges $25 an hour and an additional $15 per hour if you need a board operator at the Royal Oak location. If you want to create a podcast for a business there is a separate form to fill out.

Podcast Detroit says that you 100% own your own content. That’s always a good thing to know before you get started.

In addition to recording your podcast, it is possible to have a photographer shoot professional quality photos, or to have a videographer shoot in the studio while you are recording your podcast. Podcast Detroit also has a connection with Fusion Marketing, where you can get a discount on graphics and web design work, print materials, and more.

In addition, Podcast Detroit does podcast meetups. Check their website, or their Facebook page, for more details about where and when these happen.