RadioYo is Building a Decentralized Ecosystem for Podcasters

RadioYo was Founded by Steven Blinn. He ran the Toronto Tech Meetup, and is now focused on RadioYo. Cary Torkelson is the Technical Lead at RadioYo. He has co-founded two mobile software companies and has over 20 years of Wall Street and startup experience. RadioYo is building a decentralized Ecosystem for Podcasters that uses a cryptocurrency called the RAO.

Podcasters, online broadcasters, and independent media face a range of pressures every day. Funding, competition for listeners, press freedom, copyright infringement and producing the most remarkable programming possible weigh on people’s minds every day. RadioYo is laying the groundwork for a new age of ownership, tracking, content sharing and creation that is engaging, sustainable, borderless, and fair to all stakeholders.

At RadioYo, content creators can register and license their content as a “programmed contract” directly to the “blockchain.” These contracts automate the collection and distribution and remain in control of content creators. Users can access a global catalog of audio programs stored on RadioYo and can pay content creators directly using RadioYo’s digital currency (RAO).

If I’m understanding this correctly, podcasters who put their content on RadioYo will be paid in the RAO cryptocurrency. There is information on the RadioYo website about the RAO Token Sale Terms.

You can also find a roadmap on the RadioYo website. The roadmap lays out when RadioYo expects to hit “milestones.” They rolled out the beta testing in 2016, and expect to release their White Paper in Q3 of 2017. There are more milestones planned out on the roadmap.

Personally, I would not feel comfortable being paid in cryptocurrency, but I am aware that some other people would enjoy that. If you like the idea of being paid in RAO, you might want to visit the RadioYo website for more details.

One thought on “RadioYo is Building a Decentralized Ecosystem for Podcasters

  1. Jen, thanks for the mention. Just need to clarify and expand on one point. Content creators are rewarded with the RAO cryptocurrrency for creating content as part of the ecosystem we’re building and having their show information i.e., ownership info, stats, RSS feed, etc, added to the blockchain. We’re not going to just pay content creators for putting their content in the ecosystem or on our platform.

    In addition to rewarding content creators, the ecosystem also rewards listeners and users for participating. For example, content creators i.e., podcasters, can “tip” listeners with the RAO cryptocurrency for doing things like sharing, commenting or publishing a review.

    “Instead of trying to profit by stealing a little bit of attention/ engagement through playing ads, or selling “hosting solutions”, RadioYo is using The RAO to reward ‘wanted’ behavior and charge for ‘desired’ features.”

    Hope this adds some clarity to the situation.
    Steven Blinn

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