Visit a Haunted House Based on Aaron Mahnke’s Lore

Some podcasts are adapted and turned into books. Others become scripted TV shows. Aaron Mahnke’s popular Lore podcast has already achieved both those milestones.

Now, it’s doing something that no other podcast has done. Its become a haunted house! Fans of the podcast, and people who simply love scary haunted houses, can buy tickets now.

This is more than a typical haunted house. Lore: A Haunting Experience is a truly unique interactive experience that brings to life the Amazon Prime Exclusive Lore TV show (which is scheduled to release on Friday, October 13, 2017). The haunted house is from Just Fix It Productions, the creative minds behind Creep LA and The Willows.

Upon entering Creep LA: Lore, handlers will guide groups of eight brave souls inside this imagined universe where groups travel through a fully engaging, multi-sensory, 1-hour walk-thru experience within a dynamic and diverse environment of moody rooms, intimate encounters, and terrifying scenarios.

Lore: A Haunting Experience will take place at Magic Box LA, in downtown Los Angles, California. The first event will be on October 5th, and more will take place through November 12th. Tickets are available now. At the time I am writing this blog, it looks like there are plenty of tickets still available.