HowStuffWorks Announced Four New Podcasts

HowStuffWorks, the largest for-profit podcasting company in the world in terms of streams and downloads, unveiled a slate of new shows, an expansion into additional genres and an infusion of creative talent. The news was first delivered at IAB Podcast Upfront.

This news follows an announcement from HowStuffWorks that they had raised $15 million Series A Investment in a growth equity round led by global merchant bank The Raine Group.

Head of new initiatives at HowStuffWorks, Jason Hoch, said “With our recent infusion of capital from The Raine Group, HowStuffWorks is actively searching for new podcast talent and partnerships that will continue to fuel our growth and help us deliver even more amazing content to our listeners.”  The new podcasts from HowStuffWorks are set to launch this fall.

Atlanta Monster will re-examine the nearly 40-year-old mystery surrounding the Atlanta Child Murders, re-interviewing witnesses, speaking with experts and victims’ families. Hosted by Atlanta filmmaker Payne Lindsey, who also hosts the breakthrough podcast, Up and Vanished, and jointly produced the HowStuffWorks and Tenderfoot TV “Atlanta Monster” aims to tell the true story of one of the city’s darkest secrets.

Omnibus is co-hosted by Ken Jennings, the winning-est Jeopardy! Champion of all time, and John Roderick, frontman of the indie-rock band The Long Winters. Together, Ken and John will pick a couple of topics a week for a mind-blowing deep dive into obscure stories they fear might be lost to history.

Movie Crush is hosted by Stuff You Should Know‘s Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant. Movie Crush is a weekly interview show where he sits down with his favorite people to talk about their favorite movie. Movie Crush gets into the “what” but also the “why.”

The Daily Zeitgeist is hosted by co-founder Jack O’Brien. This daily podcast will delve into each day’s news cycle to help listeners find the signal in the noise.